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Abseil to relax

The adventure of a sunset abseil starts two hours before dawn at DOC Ōtepatotu Scenic reserve. From the car park through the native bush with old Tōtara trees we walk 15-20 min to the lookout point. Feel the excitement of standing on the top of a 25m rock cliff to go abseiling. Once back in the native bush emerge yourself to the bird life. All with time enough to relax and let your senses enjoy.  Back through the bush closing the loop at the car park were we started. A picnic with local goodness is waiting for you to indulge an enjoy the sun going down.

Minimum for the activity 2 people

Prices per adult:           $249.-

                 teenager:     $229.-

book through the Akaroa I-site or directly via email

All levels are welcome
Including safety instructions 

Safety equipment
NZ approved activity operator
Bookings are weather depending

Sunset abseil: Image
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